My Top 5 Marvel Super Heroes

Just a heads up, the post may CONTAIN SPOILERS if you haven’t seen any of the Marvel movies. AND I will ONLY be talking about those in the Avengers at this moment.

Hello guys! It’s been a while! Lots have happened since my last post. Well, not really. I have just been incredibly lazy. Like, just LAZY. Bad, I know and I’m SUPER sorry. And I just got back from my vacation in California. If you want to see what goes on in my daily life, I have an Instagram account you can follow or a Facebook page you can like and/or follow. Click HERE for Instagram. And click HERE for Facebook. I do update these more than I post on here. Again, sorry. It’s a work in progress.

Anyways, as the post title states, I am going to tell you all who my top 5 Marvel super heroes are, now that I’ve seen all the movies. AND they will just be based off of the movies. They will be in order from number five to one. AND once again, these are just based on those in the Avengers right now. So… let’s get started.

Number Five. Okay I cheated on this one. I tied this one between Iron Man and Black Panther. It was too hard to choose. I mean, Tony Stark (Iron Man) is a mad genius. T’Challa (Black Panther) is like the Marvel version of Batman. They don’t have any crazy super powers, but man the Avengers just wouldn’t be much without them. Sure, one is probably a little more humble than the other. They both do have an outstanding background. But, at the end of the day, THEY KICK BUTT.

Number Four. Thor. I’ve always liked the whole thing about being worthy to wield Mjolnir. It means that he had to work hard to be where he is now. Who doesn’t like a hero who can bring down thunder on their enemies. He’s funny and has a great sense of duty, although both can sometimes get him into trouble. I guess it’s all in how the actor portrays this character too, though. Chris Hemsworth just brought the character to life.

Number Three. Captain Marvel. She was introduced later in the series, but man, she ROCKS! She can bust down a HUGE ship in space, anything really, just by flying straight through. Her photon blasts are nuts! I mean, you don’t absorb the power of some crazy space core and not be that incredible. Although she wasn’t present for a lot of the fighting in Endgame, her short appearance made all the difference. I feel she posed the greatest threat to Thanos… with the exception of maybe Antman who, according to memes everywhere, can probably literally kill Thanos inside out. And she looks great. Go Brie Larson!

Number Two. Dr. Strange. I’m a big sucker for magic. And this guy is ALL magic. When he was first introduced, I did NOT like him. He was so arrogant and conceited. But when he learned the magical arts, I took it all back. He’s just that good. AND he has a cool cape… with a mind of its own. He really was the best out of all the sorcerers… or wizards… magical beings. And honestly, I think the biggest reason I like him IS because of the magic. Sorry Harry Potter, move aside.

Finally, number One. Scarlet Witch. This goes back to the whole magic thing. I had a really hard time between her and Dr. Strange for this spot. But she stood out to me more. The way her eyes glowed red as she tossed bad guys side to side… or the way she just commands her power with that “don’t mess with me” look. When she was killed off in Infinity Wars, I was SO SAD and MAD. But, her entrance in Endgame made me forget all that. By the way, that whole scene was EPIC. When she confronted Thanos again, I got the chills! Sure he didn’t even know who she was, but AWESOME! Don’t mess with MY GIRL! So yes, Scarlet Witch is currently my favorite!

So now, who were your favorites and why? Maybe you like them for their cool outfits or powers? Or maybe they have a great back story? Just FYI, I like ALL the Avengers. They’re all incredible and I’m sad that the series is over. Please, let me know your thoughts! Let’s connect! Yours truly ~ Tim.

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