Travel Ideas

Hey readers! For this post, I wanted to talk just a little bit about some traveling. And no, I haven’t traveled as much as I would like to. I just want to go over possible places and maybe get ideas from YOU.

So I kind of have this list in my head of places I’d like to go above ALL other places in the world. I’ll go down the list from the bottom to the top. And just FYI, I do change this list sometimes. But it’s pretty much the same.

Okay, so starting with number three… Venice, Italy! Ever since I learned about Venice when I was a kid, I wanted to go there. I mean, doesn’t going through this city on a boat sound AWESOME! And for you romance types out there, doesn’t it sound dreamy and romantic? I’ll be honest though, that maybe the only thing about Venice I actually know about. Obviously if the trip was actually happening, I’d look more into it. BUT moving on.

Number two… Disney World. Okay, why is Disney World number two? Well, see I’ve been to Disneyland in California many times before. Now I want to go and experience THE Disney World. And honestly, it’s not just Disney World… the one in Florida, but the other Disney theme parks around the globe. I don’t know how many there really are, but I still wanna go! Wouldn’t that be awesome to make a HUGE trip to visit all the Disney theme parks. One day…

Okay, number one! This will always and forever be my number one. South Korea! I don’t know if it’s the K-pop or the K-dramas, but I MUST go there. Okay it is the K-pop and the K-dramas. It really is. I mean it’s not just the music and soap operas that South Korea has to offer. From what I hear from friends who have gone, it’s just awesome and beautiful. And think of all the food! I also wish I could go and see the headquarters of where my favorite K-pop artists come from. No, I’m not going to stalk anyone. It’d also be so cool if I actually got to meet a K-pop star.

Okay, so that’s my short list. And you know, as I was typing this all out, I had some more ideas of places I’d like to go to. I’ll just keep that to myself and work hard towards traveling to those destinations. Also, when traveling, it is always fun to go with good company. Let’s be honest, anywhere you go… even if it’s grocery shopping, going with a fun bunch of people can make a HUGE difference. Alright, so what are some places you want to go to? Or are there places you’ve already gone to and would like to share? Let me know! ~~ Yours truly, Tim.

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