Is It Too Late To Go To School?

I know there’s someone out there in the world who thinks they’re way too old to go school. Or someone who thinks it’s too late. IT IS NOT TOO LATE.

You know when I was in college, I met people who were grandparents… people who were working a lot… people wanting to just get their two-year degrees. For whatever reason you may have, school can always be an option. Why not? There’s nothing wrong with wanting to learn.

So we all know school is ridiculously expensive sometimes. And that’s usually one of the BIG reasons why some folks don’t want to continue or don’t want to even start school. But not all is lost! There are TONS of grants out there for everyone. I’ve heard of grants targeted at left-handed people. I’m sure there’s something for you.

So speaking for myself, I’ve only gotten my two-year degree. I wanted to continue to get my Bachelor’s, but it’s pretty pricey. I also wanted to get this degree in the arts or performing arts. Guys, performing arts schools are SO expensive. I was so discouraged. I could just go for a general one I guess. But I sorta gave up on that. It’s been a while.

Anyways, DO what you are comfortable with. I mean, I wouldnt recommend doing what I did. These days, lots of jobs require a Bachelor’s degree. But again, your choice. You choose how to live your life. If you really want to try school again or start school even, do a little bit of research. If it’s really important to you, make it happen.

So what are your thoughts? Are you still wanting to go to school? Not feeling it? Let me know! ~~yours truly, Tim.

2 thoughts on “Is It Too Late To Go To School?

  1. I’m alllll for school! I have two degrees and it’s been over two years since I’ve graduated but hey, I’m back for a third degree. It’s absolutely never too late. In all of this, it isn’t the degree that matters, it’s the learning I’m receiving, the challenges I’m tackling, and the skills I’m gaining. It’s all worth the investment and I’d do it for a lifetime if I can!

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