Still Here

Hey world! It’s been ages! Been way too distracted with life and other things. Hope everyone is well. This post won’t really have a topic. It’ll kind of be like an update.

So for those who don’t know or forgot, I live in Portland, Oregon. We just recenly had a snow storm. It wasn’t really that bad. But I did get a ride from a coworker to work. Of course this whole thing comes with bad drivers and drivers that think they can driver however they want in snow and ice. It wasn’t as big as a storm that everyone was making it out to be.

So because everyone thought it was going to be so bad, shopping for food was a NIGHTMARE. Every store, I swear, was out of onions and potatoes. It was NUTS! Worse than black Friday. Lines were long as heck. By the way, it snowed… for like, one day.

Anyway, everything seems fine now. The rain we are getting just washed away all the snow. I can’t say though, if it’s going to stay that way. I’m hearing snow again for the weekend. UGH.

I hope everyone is in good health. I hope that no one is caught up in a bad storm. If you are, be safe. Hope no one is sick like I am. Just a sore throat mostly now. Take your vitamins! So… what is everyone up to? How is everyone faring this winter? Anything crazy happen in your area? I’m all ears! ~~ yours truly, Tim.

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