Good Friends

So what is a good friend? What separates one or multiple individuals from the rest of the world? I mean, the world has TONS of people and you may know a ton of people. BUT we all have a couple friends that we always want to hang out with or do everything with.

For me, a good friend is someone I can tell everything to. Someone who I can count on when a situation is bad and they’re there to get my back. Someone I can be myself around and not have to change. It’s someone that even if we haven’t talked in ages, we still talk to each other as if we saw each other just the day before. I guess overall, a good friend is almost like my own blood. Sometimes you can find a good friend like that in a family member. And that’s totally cool. Nothing wrong with family watching out for each other.

So to keep this post short, what qualities do you usually look for in a good friend? I’m sure lots of people may have the same things that I look for. It’s pretty common. But I want to hear from YOU. How did you meet your best friend? Or where did you meet all your friends? There’s usually a good story behind those times. Until next time… ~~yours truly, Tim.

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