Tales of Vesperia: Definitive Edition

Okay, I said I was going to have post on this sooner or later. So here it is. Tales of Vesperia! My ALL TIME favorite video game. If you aren’t familiar with the “Tales Of” series, they’re rpgs (role playing games) created by Bandai Namco. They’re also the creators of the Soul Calibur series.

So you may be wondering why it’s the “definitive edition”. Back when the game was first released in 2008, the version released in the US had less content than the one released in Japan. There were only seven characters available to play. With the definitive edition, now everyone gets to enjoy the full game that Japan got to enjoy. It includes 2 more characters with their own back stories, more bosses, and a longer storyline.

I probably should have done this first thing… but here’s a small background of the game. Long story short, it’s basically about a group of adventurers who live in world where they use technology called, Blastia. Anyway their world changes due to an imbalance of aer, which Blastia use. They’ve all been oblivious to this until later on in the game. It’s affecting living things and especially affecting one of the main characters in the game, as she is a big part of this whole ordeal. So they all set off to fix this, while dealing with their own problems in the game. If you want more information, I suggest you Google it.

Recently, I finished the game and it’s storyline. Now, I am using a guide to get 100% completion on a second playthrough. This game, and pretty much all the Tales Of series games, have side quests that are missable or inaccessible until another playthrough is started. So with a guide, I’m going to hopefully finish this game with everything.

So yeah, this game is one of my distractions. I just really like this game. The characters are fun and the story is so good. It’s nostalgic for me. Anyway, thanks for reading. Hopefully I’ve piqued your interest in video games. Or at least this game. If you’ve played some of the games from the Tales Of series, which one did you like the best? Or if you haven’t, what games are you playing now or wanting to play? Let me know! ~~ yours truly, Tim.

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