Pet Peeves

Hey guys! So for this post, I just wanted to talk a bit about pet peeves. So personally, I think I may have one to many. Is that normal? Or maybe I’m just a very irritable person? I don’t know, but I think I have too many.

Okay, so one of my pet peeves is when the room is completely quiet, or any space really, and then there’s suddenly loud noises. First, I get startled. Second, my heart is pounding and sometimes my ears are ringing. Third, my brain can’t handle such a sudden change in volume of sound. Like I don’t even know what to do next. Usually I’ll get pretty angry and if it’s someone I know that caused this sudden change, I’d just give them an ear full.

I won’t list all of my pet peeves, but I’ll tell you guys a couple. Another one of my pet peeves is, this one is actually kind of ridiculous… is when I’m sleeping in my room and my bedroom door is open. Like maybe someone came in to wake me up or quietly put something away, but they forget to shut the door. My body somehow senses this and I immediately get triggered. I struggled a lot with this back in the day when I had no choice but to live under the same roof as my family. It’s not as bad now. But man, don’t let me catch you leaving my door open while I’m sleeping. I’ll know. I just will.

I’m re-reading these two last paragraphs and I’m thinking to myself, what’s wrong with me? Every person is different though. Everyone reacts differently to different things. Who knows, you might have something a bit… different too. Hopefully no one thinks I’m even weirder than I already am. Anyways, what are some of your pet peeves? It’s always interesting to get someone’s perspective.

Just before I finish this post, I just wanna put out there that you can find my Facebook page under TimfullyTim Blog and hit “like” to see updates and random posts. I’m trying to be more active on it. I’m also currently working on an Instagram account for this blog. Still in the works though. Once again, thanks for following my on this blogging journey! ~~ yours truly, Tim.

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