Overwatch Competitive

Howdy everyone! I hope everyone had great start to the year. As you can tell in the title of this post, I’m going to talk a bit about Overwatch. So I guess for competitive mode, season 13 ended on new years eve and then season 14 started like right after that. Correct me if I’m wrong. It’s crazy. But it has begun!

So as an Overwatch player, I play some competitive games. I’m actually working on my next gold gun, for Symmetra. I already have one for Mercy. So I played my placement matches, won half, lost the other half. I placed in low platinum. Yikes. Time to climb! By the way, if anyone wants to, I am open for queueing with groups. It’s way more fun that way. I play mostly support, Mercy or Moira. I’m working on getting better with Symmetra. I’m not entirely confident yet in my Sym skills.

I ended the last season in mid platinum. My goal is to at least reach where I left off. I played mainly healer again last season. Played some Mei… some Sym. Guys, there are so many toxic and mean people out there! Like the toxicity isn’t usually towards me, but man, people are harsh. It’s a team game! WORK AS A TEAM. Season 14 started off pretty bad too. THIS TIME it was towards me. I’m here playing Mercy, hopping around, solo healing a lot. But this guy tells me I should never play healer again! All because he liked to be out of position and expected to get heals, even if it meant the death of his fellow healers. So sad.

Anyway, to those Overwatchers out there, good luck this season and remember, this is a team game. Communicate or at least listen to some of the things your team says and try to incorporate some of their ideas (if you don’t like using a mic). Once there’s a toxic person on the team, morale just dies. It ruins the whole atmosphere and spirit of the game. And of course, have fun! After all, it’s a game!

Before I end this post, just throwing this out there, message me directly if you want to que up together! It might be fun. ~~ yours truly, Tim.

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