Hello world and happy holidays! For this short post I wanted to go over ADULTING. And how much it’s such a drag! Bills, work, and responsibilities… it’s just draining… on the body and the wallet. I wish there was button to push to just have it all disappear. Hearing the word just sends tingles through my spine.

I’m recalling those good ol’ days when all I had to worry about was doing my homework and finishing it on time. Oh, and remember when the biggest problems we had were if that person liked you or not? Let’s go back way further, like when were still losing our baby teeth. I wish we could all be adults, but still feel like when we were eight – no RESPONSIBILITIES.

This time of the year, I see everyone rushing around to different stores, buying presents, just trying to make everyone else happy. We’re all so busy with our lives, we forget to take a breather. We forget to sometimes have personal time. We forget to make ourselves happy.

I know this post is mainly targeted at adults, but even to any young readers, take the time for yourselves. We all wanted to grow up so fast and be grown-ups. Man, we were crazy. Now we’re wanting to go back. So remember, make some time for yourself. Be safe out there and have patience. In the midst of all this adulting, be happy. ~~ yours truly, Tim.

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