So lately in the Overwatch world, a movement called #ReworkMercy has been making waves. Youtubers, Aria Rose and Hoshizora, are saying that the state of Mercy is… well not very fun to play. And I totally agree! I am a Symmetra and Mercy main. The games I play as Mercy are kinda stale. I didn’t play Mercy 1.0 at all, but even so, Mercy is just a little too boring to play now.

Her super jump is great. Her healing power, not so great. The entire match is fly here, fly there… DON’T DIE. Pull out your pistol here or don’t. Valkyrie can be fun and I think it’s a great ultimate, but man most of the time, there is no impact. The other supports on the roster, I feel, bring to the table more game changing abilities. I know that Mercy is nice person in the game’s lore and all, advocate for peace. But I think she can be a little more aggressive or active like her support pals.

I feel all she has going for her is her power boost to allies. Other than that, she can only heal one ally at a time, and that’s if that ally isn’t dead yet. And her resurrection ability is pretty awesome, but in a lot of games, it’s very unsafe to “rez” anyone.

Blizzard, PLEASE help the OG healer out! I know my blog isn’t very big yet and my voice may not matter, but I am one voice of many who share the love for our guardian angel. HEROES NEVER DIE!

Any Overwatchers out there who agree? Or even disagree? Let me know your thoughts. ~~ yours truly, Tim.

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