Hello world! Hopefully the weekend was nice to you. It just goes way too fast for me. Has everyone finished their shopping for the holidays? Where I work, I see lots of people scrambling around for the last minute deals as Christmas is creeping up on us. I can’t believe it’s just NEXT week! I feel like Halloween and Thanksgiving were just last week. Where did all the time go? 

Anyways, I haven’t done any shopping. The hardest part has to be finding what to actually gift. I love that great feeling of giving someone a present, I don’t even care about getting anything in return. Is that too cheesy? Even so, it’s true. Everyone seems to be giving out cash. It’s the easiest gift to give someone. Then they can go shop for themselves with that money… or save it. Gift cards are also popular. And what are kids even into these days?

 I personally can’t even figure out what I would want for Christmas. But hey, if you know of any family members who are very health conscious or just want to start being healthier, I may have something you can give to them for Christmas. Ever heard of this red tea that detoxifies your body and helps you lose weight? It’s supposed to be better than green tea or as good. And the taste, not so bad either. So yeah, why not give it a try? It’s money back guaranteed. If you want more information, whether or not it’s something you’ll buy, you can CLICK HERE and learn a bit more about it. And if you like it, let your friends know! 

Alright, so what are some your gift ideas? I’d love to hear some original ideas too. Is anyone making a gift? I always think hand-made gifts are awesome. And it shows how much you mean to a person, because of the effort they put in to making it. Anyways, enjoy your week and thanks to those who have been with me through this blogging journey! ~~ yours truly, Tim.

2 thoughts on “Gifts

  1. This year, I’m spending money on gifts that will bring long lasting value to my love ones. To encourage my own siblings to read more, I bought them each a book 😁. Books that are catered to their individual interests and needs! Happy holidays Tim!



    P.S. I love reading your blogs because I get a glimpse of what’s happening in your part of the world. Miss and love ya Tim!

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