Hopes and Dreams

Hi internet peoples! For those who have been with me so far on this blogging journey, thank you so, so much! I know I have just started this whole blog thing and I’m still lacking, but it’s so much fun to finally put some of my thoughts out there. For this post, I just wanted to take everyone back to when we were all little and were all asked, “What do you want to be when you grow up?”. 

When I was little, I wanted to be a scientist. At school, when we were asked to put our names on our papers, I would put the word “Prof.” in front of my name, for “professor”. The teacher didn’t seem to mind it either so I stuck with it for a long time. Silly, right? At the time, I just liked the idea of cool science equipment and the cool colored liquids and chemicals in flasks that you see in cartoons. 

When I got a little older, I discovered my passion for singing. I LOVE to sing. Still singing today. Since then, my biggest dream is to become a great singer. Still working on that. I also developed a liking for writing. I enjoyed writing stories and developing characters for those stories. I’ve even tried writing song lyrics. That one was… interesting. But over time, I just kept singing and writing, doing karaoke and writing more stories. No more “professor”. Okay so I haven’t actually reached any of my biggest dreams, but one step at a time. I am blogging now, so that’s one of my smaller goals.

So enough about me. When we were all kids, we were asked what we wanted to be when we grew up. I heard fire fighter, doctor, teacher, and some other ones I forgot. What about you? Are you living your dream now? Are you close? Did you change what you wanted to do? Are you undecided and want to just live life? Well, whatever you’re doing, just do it happily. My name is Tim and my dream is to be a great singing writer! Until next time! ~~ yours truly, Tim. 

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