Hello world! Another day, another post! So this one is gonna be about K-POP! Yes! I LOVE k-pop. For anyone who does not know what that is, it’s Korean pop. 

So k-pop has been a favorite of mine ever since high school. The first k-pop song  I have ever heard was Girls’ Generation’s (SNSD), The Boys. Instantly, I was hooked. From the singing to the sick choreoghraphies, I was HOOKED. My bias in the group of nine (at the time) and now, is Kim Taeyeon. She was easily my favorite, because of the vocals she had and the fierceness she shows. Guys, she’s just amazing. 

K-pop is making waves all over the world now, thanks to a particular boy band, BTS. They’re very hot right now. Dont get me wrong, there a lot of great k-pop groups out there. 

There are also some new groups that have debuted this year! I can only think of some recent ones though, like (G)I-dle and IZ*One. Both are girl groups, by the way, and have awesome songs. But the world of k-pop is massive and the fandoms could rival those of very popular American bands. 

So which groups do you guys like the most? Any biases (don’t know if this is actually a word) you have? And also, if you’re new to k-pop, check out the groups I mentioned or do a little research of your own. Until next time! ~~yours truly, Tim.

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