Month of Christmas

Good morning world! And happy holidays! Speaking of holidays though, the BIG one is just right around the corner. For me, it means hot chocolate, pretty lights, Christmas movies, holiday traditions, and of course music. More importantly though, it means family time… and friends. It could also mean remembrance for those who have lost loved ones. I’m here for ya. There are those out there also who don’t even celebrate Christmas. Maybe you have your own cultural traditions and holidays. Do what you do, it’s totally cool. But I feel like no matter what you do, the common denominator is family. And yummy food of course.

So I don’t have any specific traditions. Or maybe it is one, but I like to have a lot of hot chocolate around this time of year. That’s my thing. And I guess I do enjoy some of those cheesey Christmas movies on Netflix. I dont know, I just kinda go with what I’m feeling at the moment. By the way guys, I’m one of those indecisive people who can’t decide what to get to eat. I just go with how I’m feeling.¬†

So what are some of your traditions if you have any? What does the holiday time bring out of you? Do tell, and happy holidays! ~~ yours truly, Tim

2 thoughts on “Month of Christmas

  1. Tim, happy holidays to you too. I’m not doing anything special on christmas evening, apart from eating the german classics (Bockwurst and potato salad) with my family. Around christmas, I’ll be in the Thalia Theatre in Hamburg. Happy holidays again.

    – Joshua


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