Oh the Gloom!

Hi world! Welcome to TimfullyTim! Thanks to those who are following or staying with me on my journey of blogging! So I just finished my three day weekend and I am ready to start the work week (well not really). It’s hard to adjust after having such a nice, long weekend. Anyway, the last couple weeks have been interesting weather wise. So I live in Portland, Oregon and we’ve been having sunny windy days. Not only that, but it’s been kinda chilly. Mother nature’s been kind… kind of. Well today the wind is gone. BUT now it’s gloomy and cold… with a chance of rain? It’s looking more like the Oregon I know. I hear people also saying that it could start snowing. Yikes! Snow means very cold and ice. If you guys have never driven in ice, boy let me tell ya. SCARY. Anyway, that’s my rant on the weather here. What’s the weather like where you live? Please share! Also if you haven’t already, follow me on my journey of blogging using the follow button on the page. You can also follow me on Facebook, under TimfullyTim Blog. And once again thank you for your support! ~~ yours truly, Tim.

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